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We took care about the poor old suburban malls. Probably you’ve recognized that most suburban malls are empty around the world.

We had the goal to attract people to visit empty suburban shopping malls and created the Magic Circus Machine.


ECE – Shopping Centers;


Schach & Matt


Ricardo Göldner
(Creative Director,
Art Director Interactive,
and Illustrator)

challenging booth

combined with a Kinect camera and a vending machine

Red Buzzer Principle

Everbody wants to push a red button. We unconsciously associate an powerful action (e.g. rocket launching).

Mobile and flexible

The Magic Circus Machine is able to go on tour. The well thought concept makes it easy to assemble and transport. In that way a shopping mall can save money by sharing it with other malls to create effective campaigns for a certain periode.

Kinect Camera

For several sport games we implement a Kinect camera which trags all body movements of the user. That is funny to watch and a high entertainment.

Vending Machine

The user should be instantly reward. That’s why we built-in a regular vending machine. If you win it’ll literally spit out your prize.

handcrafted User Interface

Hand drawn animation

Individual Hand Drawed

fineliner drawing pens

Colored and Digitized

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

User Experience

A red buzzer and a touch screen
We made sure it is easy or pleasing to use The overall experience of a person using the Magic Circus Machine was a challenge, because of implementing and focusing on the big red buzzer.


Kinect and Vending Machine
For sport games we implement a Kinect camera for Windows to trag the user. Additionally we built-in a vending machine and connected it with the system. In that way users get there prize instantly – it literally spit it out.

Except in high score games because the winner needs to be on top of the high score list after a certain period of time. In that way we use a code which is sent per email to the winner. It is easy to enter the code on the touch screen to pick up the prize.

No matter how old your shopping mall is
the Magic Circus Machine drives people crazy!

A story FOR
SOcial Media

The outstanding design empowers the magic of the story.

We created different characters with certain personalities – compareable with a good and a bad boy story. In social media plattform is the design conspicuous and transfer the fun and curiosity because of it’s novelty.

The design is unique and very flexible.


The Magic Circus Machine is an interactive challenging booth – combined with a Kinect camera and a vending machine. It is a new particular interactive game booth which is able to instantly spit out the prize you’ve won.

The outstanding design makes it much more special and brings it to your life via social media campaigns. People get curios about it. Especially the fact that everybody – no matter which age – can instantly win prizes. The Magic Circus Machine drives people exited – in that way they are willing to visit the shopping mall.

Arousal of emotions & curiosity

  • Benefits (entertainment and prizes)
  • Unique individual product (novelty)
  • Action (games)
  • Random automatism
  • Challenge
  • Worth of mouth
  • Outstanding hand crafted design
  • Several characters with different personalities bring the product into customers’ life

The Game

The computer randomly select a task. It can be a brain or sport game. The user gets a certain time to solve the task.

There are two types of game: high score or instant win. After winning an “instant win game” the Magic Circus Machine literally spit out instantly the prize from the build-in vending machine. If the user get selected a high score game the user needs to be on top of the high score list when the deadline expires. They enter the email address and gets informed when the game is over. The winner gets a code for picking up the prize within a certain time.

Impressive Look

Unique illustration & hand drawn animation.

The overall design is a combination of old-retro and new-modern styles. On one hand there is the old traditional circus and fun park design of the booth. The retro character is underlined by hand drawn animated illustrations. On the other hand the new-modern character is obvious by the screen and built-in technology.


The user get randomly selected tasks. In that way people need to do games which they probably don’t like. That is funny for the audience.

There are two different types of game: brain and sport. The sport games are just funny to watch and the brain games are interesting because the audience can participate in guessing.

Marketing Campaign

The outstanding design and different characters are ideal conditions to share stories online to get people excited about the campaign.

The design is unique and entertains people. It is very flexible – no matter which platform or media (video, images, audio, compositions). Finally the bright colors and unique design techniques are very conspicuous for themselves – combined with the delivery of personal benefits (e.g. prizes) makes it very emotional for prospects and customers.e


Magic Circus Machine on tour!

The hardware concept was thorough thought. It is easy to assemble and transport. In that way several shopping malls can share one product and save money.


  • Kinect for windows
  • Regular vending machine
Design Process

It was a pleasure to create the overall experience of the Magic Circus Machine! It combines a lot marketing & design skills for instance:

User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Service Design, Usability, Development, Illustration, Online Marketing,
Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

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