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DFY Services

 DFY!  We offer result driven DFY services – for people who have less time to study.

We’ll do emotional online marketing for you.

B E S T S E L L E R #1
get found on Google search result pages (easily) by publishing news about your service

️Tremendous Exposure

Imagine 300+ News Websites write about your business (for instance, NBC, Fox News, …) to get exposure.

We do this with our great connection to media like USA Today, Fox News, ABC, NBC and many others.

Google loves brands that pop up everywhere. When 300+ websites talks about your business Google will absolutely love it.

Without changing a thing in your business people and Google are going to trust you instantly.

In effect, you’re going to get more customers, clients or patients.

B E S T S E L L E R #2
Get found

️SEO pay per result

Get on 1st Page of Google ONLY PAY when you are on the 1st page of Google! CRAZY DEAL!

Guaranteed Results with Pay Per Result SEO

This means we work towards ranking your business, for the keywords you choose. We believe in our services so much that we charge our clients only for the results we deliver.

We are a less-talk and more-action team with the aim of helping our clients grow their businesses and boost their profit.

You need a website that converts.

Get a Highly-Converting Website

You’d want your website to convert a huge fraction of your website visitors to leads or paying customers.

To make it happen, your website should be informative and have striking content (which we’ll be writing for you) and also comprise of bold and compelling call-for-actions like phone numbers or contact links in strategic places.

We don’t just build websites; we build highly-functioning lead & sales generators!

People only buy when you have great reputation

We’ll Help You Build Trust by managing your online reputation.

Want to convert your website visitors into leads and sales? You need to built TRUST. And you can do that by managing your online reputation.

Start Managing Your Online Reputation TODAY! We have a system that generate high-ranking reviews automatically. Spoiler: it’s an app that works just fine – and, it doesn’t take any work.

People & Google loves accesibilty. (it’s kind of new)

Make your website accessible to disabled users today

The Supreme Court ruled all websites in the US to be accessible to everyone under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s easy plus affordable with Umbrella Local’s leading accessibility solutions.

A U.S. Census Bureau report indicates that nearly 51 million people in the US aged 15 and older are subject to a disability

Become ADA (WCAG) compliant

Google loves continuity.
That means, you need to have same data on multiple websites, for instance Yahoo, Google, Bing, dictories … everywhere that might rank you needs the same data: phone, address, name, email, website (with or without “www.”) …  you can do it by your own – some platforms are free – some not. We offer you a DFY package, that we take care of ALL platforms you are already listed and add some more.)

Businesses Listing and Voice Search

Managing Your Brand’s Online Presence & Information

Stand out from your competitors: show text, videos and images of your menus, bios as well as products and update anything and everything all at once across 70+ leading sites, social networks and apps from a single source.

Optimize Your Business for Voice Search

50+% searches are voice searches. Devices and applications like Google Assistant, Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and others are used by an ever-increasing number of people to carry out complex searches. For Example: “Alexa, I’m looking an Indian restaurant, near me, that is currently open and serves Punjabi”.

People love text messaging. We enable text messaging on your landline. It improves your convertion – you’ll get more contacts by just adding one feature.

Add on your website “TEXT ME”

Use conversational texting to engage customers quick & easy

Interact with your customers the way they prefer — texting.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising delivers outstanding ROI for both, Service Providers & Retailers 

I work with a perfect 100% Certified Facebook Award Winning Agency and run 5,000+ small business Facebook Advertising campaigns each month. 

Mark my words – we deliver results that nobody else can.

Google Advertising 

Google is hands-down the most dominating and advanced platform on the world wide web. It’s the best advertising network there is.

The reason why you should advertise on Google – It’s simple and you can reach out to a huge chunk of your target audience.

E-Mail Advertising

We send emails to your specific target group. (we have 150 M email addresses we’ll only pick specific type of people that matches your business)

Tap into our 150M Strong Email List

Use your marketing expenses smartly with these AI-based chatbots that’ll engage with your website visitors, capture and qualify leads, automatically sell to your visitors and connect them with your top-rated reps.

AI Chatbots

2x-4x your current chat conversion rate with AI chatbots customer service or you don’t pay!

AI-based chatbots replace or complement live chat reps 24/7 for a fraction of the cost with dependable results.

Chatbot customer service agents are extremely effective in providing information and qualified leads. Let your team focus just on leads who really want to buy, and allow the bots to service everyone else

Full Bot Creation & Setup Service – Done For You!

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll build it. Chatbot script creation, Natural Language Processing training, and setup on your site, store or Facebook page is all done for you by our chatbot experts. The price is affordable to any business (read more below).

Advertise on multiple website (you only pay, when people buy you’re offer)

Pay for the Sales You Get – Advertise on 100+ Premium Websites TODAY!

Step 1: Promote your cashback offer on numerous leading websites and applications for free

Step 2: Consumers link the cashback offer to their credit cards. 

Step 3: Consumer Purchases From You (The consumer will pay you online or in-store with credit card.)

Startup Funding (Financial Solution)

Receive Up to $500K Loan to Scale Your Online Business

If you’re facing a hard time securing loans to grow your business, we can help! We provides businesses up to $500K of UNSECURED as well as SECURED financing. Use the loan to grow your business, hire employees, buy equipment, invest in a growth marketing program.

About Us

We offer every single digital marketing and digital accessibility service to help businesses reach the heights they desire.

Want to grow your business; yet aren’t sure about which services you need? Schedule a 30-minute conversation with one of our experts today. It’s completely FREE!

Our educational background as well as our hands-on experience in digital marketing is vast and encompassing and we’re sure we can help your business grow in sales and profits, on a budget, in the set time and goals.

I’ve been in the advertising field since 2010.

After obtaining a bachelor degree in Communication Design, I did my masters Digital Media. This deep marketing education, has sharpened my digital marketing skills and made me have an eye for visual things. I began my professional journey as an intern at an advertising agency in Germany and expanding to work with other companies in Europe.

During my digital marketing career, I worked as a Digital Marketing Director for several companies, including Stuke Iowa in Houghton, Iowa a subsidiary of the European Stuekerjuergen Group in the US. From that position I advanced to oversee all marketing operations for the entire Stuekerjuergen Group with subsidiaries in Germany, Australia and the United States.

In more recent years I worked as a Digital Marketing Director in the pharmaceutical industry for Quiris Healthcare which sells products like Alpha Plus and Elasten. and later joined the Umbrella Local team.

My educational background as well as my hands-on experience in digital marketing is vast and encompassing and I’m sure I can help your business grow in sales and profits, on a budget, in the set time and goals.

Contact me today!

We offer growth-driven, one-stop digital marketing and accessibility services that specializes in helping countless small businesses in different sectors boost their online presence and achieve their goals. As an entrepreneur myself, I know what entrepreneurs really need and are fully equipped to help you out.

What our clients actually need is an advisor they can trust and rely on – someone who knows what should be done and executes it in a quick and efficient manner without compromising on the quality.

That’s my mantra when it comes to delivering our world-class service to our clients.

Ready to grow?

Not sure where to start?

We help to figure out what service is right for you.

Take the next step in growing your business using digital marketing.

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