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My favorite projects:

That are my personal highlights.

800 Jahre Bielefed 

Creative Lead, Art Direction

Mit “ardventure” haben wir den Agenturen-Wettbewerb für das “800 Jahre Bielefeld” Corporate Design gewonnen.

Der leinende Faden zieht sich durch die Geschichte von Bielefeld – und so auch durch alle Gestaltungsmittel.

Ich war regelmäßig als Freelancer bei “ardventure”, für dieses Projekt war ich also Lead, Creative Director und Art Director für Idee, Strategie sowie Design (auch innerhalb der Agentur).

That happend (1,5 years) after I earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic and communication design, 2013

Audi App

Design Support

Mit “PUK” (Phillipp und Keuntje) in Hamburg habe ich an der neuen technologisch entwickelten App von Audi mitgearbeitet.

Die große Agentur PUK ist eine Lead-Agentur von Audi. Eine gesamte (abgeschlossene) Etage ist ausschließlich für Audi beschäftigt.

Ich war App UI Designer (Design Support).

That happend before I earned a master’s degree in Interaction Design (New Media), 2014

ECE Interaktive Installation

Creative Lead, Art Direction

Für die “ECE” (die u.a. Shopping-Centers entwickelt, wie z.B. das “Loom” in Bielefeld) habe ich (mit Team) bei “Schach & Matt” in Dresden eine individuelle, interaktive Installation entwickelt.

Ich war Lead, Creative & Art Director.

Zusammen mit 1 externen Entwickler, 2 Designern, 1 Messebauer und 1 Marketing Manager haben wir diese “Magische Zirkusmaschine” entwickelt.

Idee, Strategie, Design habe ich eigens entwickelt.

That happend after I earned a master’s degree in Interaction Design (New Media), 2016

2x International Interaction Award 2018,
2x Best in Class (Categories: RETAIL + ENTERTAINMENT)

2x International Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards, Bronze, 2018, Categories: “ BEST WORK NEVER PRODUCED” + “DIGITAL OOH – DISPLAY POP”
Support for several ANNUAL MULTIMEDIA AWARDS 2013-2014, via my work for several German advertising agencies.
Communication Design, 2012

Last but not least

I turned one part of my master’s degree project into a real book. I think it’s kind of neat. In the future, I’d like to write a big one about emotions in marketing.

See here, my first book, “The added value of interaction design in advertising” (2014, 2016)

Interaction Design, helps a lot to bond long-lasting connections and transform your customers into raving fans.

If you want to know how and why advertising has been changed read my book: “The added value of interaction design in advertising” (2014, 2016) – unfortunately, only available in German.

Nevertheless you can buy it here

But, I highly recommend to wait for my new book! That will be a game changer!

You can join the wait list here:
click here to join the wait list

Lately, I’ve been learning much more about emotions & marketing. I am always hungry for new knowledge. I am always curious. I dived much deeper into the comprehensive field of emotions to give you the exact information – well organized – about how to emotionalize your brand, product, or service – step-by-step.

I’m Ricky, I look forward to work with you!

Only Emotions create Value!

(acc. to Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, German Neuroscientist)

To get ahead from the oversaturated market, you need to arouse emotions.
That is the key to effective marketing in the future – good marketers and designer already know it.

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