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 One stop shop to learn about
emotions in marketing
 to build superfans.

Superfans get you higher rankings, improve conversion rate, increase sales (even with higher pricing).

Additionally, at the end, they return – periodically. Sounds like a dream? Maybe, but – actually, it’s all about psychology and human behavior.

So, if you want to know more about that you’re in the right place!

Ricardo Go. (Founder of

What most (so-called) experts only do
is raise awareness of the importance of emotions in marketing
(for this they deserve credit).

But … they don’t give you the tools to deal with it.  😠 ✌️

Ricardo Go., Founder of

Discover the ultimate truth about how to arouse emotions in marketing – today!

For instance, most people and marketers think emotions are equal feelings – that is wrong! Feelings are the outcome of emotions.


Get a ton of my unique, valuable research for free – I’ve been studying emotions for 7 years. I still do not always have all of the answers  but, I’m going to find them.

Now, I begin to publish my huge personal research (what I’ve already learned) about following fields:





Follow my free videos and blog posts to master emotions in marketing –
to outrank your competitors forever!

Why this is vital for you and your business?

Listen to Neil Patel.

 You need to build an emotional brand and beyond.  
Neil Patel
(Marketing Genius and Mentor) explains it
> watch here (“How to dominate Google …”)

"In the psychology is where all the money is, is where all happiness is, is where all the opportunity is."

  Gary Vaynerchuk  , Keynote @ IMG Expo 2018, New Orleans

Why Emotions?

1. On one hand,   search engine machines   (like Google, YouTube) are incredible clever.

They have only been ranking the best user experiences (since Google Rank Brain).

You got to know what people truly dislike and love (understand the emotional systems in the brain – watch the video about emotional marketing).

2. On the other hand, today – there are
  too many competitors   out there (only one click away – because it’s much easier to start a business today) – you got to create emotional connections.

(acc. to Wikipedia: Plenty of countries in Asia have been already doing emotional marketing – like in Thailand, India, Singapore).

Start very soon or you fall behind.

How do
helps your company?


I show you how to emotionally connect with your target audience (through plenty of actionable and mostly psychological, emotional branding, marketing, and sales tactics).

In effect, your (potential) customers have a deeper connection to you (compared of all your competitors).

In this way, you’ll build loyal fans who share, return, and buy periodically … again and again.

  For instance, I’m going to help you … 

• how to create the right CORE MESSAGE(s) – emotion based (see example below)

• how to create stories that connects emotionally

• how to make your design and copy more efficient (conversion rate optimization)

• how to optimize videos and audios (to keep viewers watched and listened or make them return),

• how to adjust images (e.g. priming effect),

• how to design your website/store – that effects emotions, or

• how to create an emotional ad that increases sales (and ROI).

  For example,  create the right CORE MESSAGE by considering emotions:

  Younger people  love products that nobody else has. They want to buy new things (on average, of course).

That are stimulate types – the stimulant emotional system in the brain is the strongest system in their brain. (In the TAUDIENCE MAP we call them “FUN INDIVIDUALS”)

Compared to  elderly people.  They want to buy bestsellers. Products that thousands of people already have.

That are balanced types: balanced emotional system in their brain is the strongest system.
(In the TAUDIENCE MAP we call them “FUDDY DUDDIES”).


Now, you probably asking:

What is your emotional type of target audience?

Please use the TAUDIENCE MAP. Try all the different types and see who works the best – use A/B tests! (We can not predict the future by our gut feeling – but, TAUDIENCE MAP helps you to get started and address emotional triggers.

That means, you are going to create messages for
each emotional type of customer and A/B test it.

In regard to email marketing:
If people don’t click or open your email – test a different type of emotions.

(Keep in mind: emotions are NOT feelings that are the outcome of emotions).
Don’t address happiness, sadness – use the TAUDIENCE MAP.

Except Neil Patel

Here is one brilliant strategy

Neil Patel quickly reveals a brilliant REAL emotional marketing example (by talking about Ahrefs). He also gives you one emotional marketing strategy.

I highly recommend to watch this video (from 0:50 min). It’s totally worth it.

Thank you Neil!

gathers and summarizes all actionable emotional marketing tactics
for building loyal fans (vs. random customers), including





  This is what you get:  

  • Which exact emotions you should target – and why?
  • Determine how to actually trigger those emotions to connect emotionally with another human being (your client or customer)?
  • You get easy actionable TOOLS AND TACTICS (step-by-step formulas) that emotionally connect your brand or product with another human being.

  For instance:  

  • Emotional Branding (creating fans)  = “Consistency for loyalty!”
  • Usability Techniques (UX, UI) = for conversion (rate) optimization, dwell time and bounce rate
  • Persuasion Templates = for actually deciding to buy
  • Consumer Neuroscience Insights = to enhance the emotional connection 
    and much more.
Keep in mind: the old economic model was built on the concept of the rational person in a crowd, which still can work in a world of needed commodities. But in oversaturated environments with many differentiated products, the senses inform, needs become wants, and emotions decide.

It’s going to be the  one stop shop 

 where branding meets behavioral psychology. 

(Get actionable, emotional marketing tactics to build loyal, returning fans
vs. random customers).

For example, you can accomplish these goals by increasing search engine machine ranking and conversion rate – even with higher pricing without being pitchy (in the modern world).

Most popular content

What marketers can learn from the nature. The overall strategy for emotional marketing.

The TAUDIENCE MAP – unique emotional marketing tool to categorize   your target audience – based on emotions.  

Why it’s absolutely free?
Because that’s the foundation of what I teach about emotions in marketing.

A visual checklist of 33 instant tactics that are easy to implement in your marketing strategy.

A summary checklist of 21 best articles about emotions in marketing.

If you want to emotionalize

your brand, product or service, you’ll need to reach different levels.


Evoke positive connections. 

The key to having long-lasting and valuable customers is to keep them engaged with your brand continually. 

Design and


Address every possible objection your prospects might have,
which leads to a very strong brand story that people believe and understand.

Listen to your customers, as people make their decisions mostly subconsciously, based on their emotional systems (neuroscience).

Use accurate tactics.

Marketing and Neuroscience
(emotional systems
in the brain)


Transform your prospects and customers into raving fans. 

Retention almost always comes down to how valuable and easy it is to use your product or service.

Your brand or product is part of their world.

Marketing, Interaction Design, Neuroscience and Psychology


Skyrocket your sales.
Scale your business.

Marketing and Psychology


After implementing emotional marketing tactics in your strategy, you’ll be one of very few emotional marketers!

Emotional Marketing is a very complex field. It won’t be easy to grasp everything, but I’m 100% sure you will understand how to help your business because Emotional Marketing Land will give you simple step-by-step explanations and tactics to use on the “Emotional Systems.”

Feelings are often described as “gut feelings” –
which are located in the brain, instead of in the gut.


Enjoy comprehensive research from various fields in short and summarized articles, on topics including:

• Consumer Neuroscience

• Interaction Design

• Love Brands

• Persuasion

• Psychology

• Service Design

• Social Neuroscience

• Usability

• User Interface Design

• User Experience Design

I am Ricardo Go, Founder of Emotional Marketing Land.

You’ll get easy-to-understand step-by-step tactics – summarized and well organized to keep you focused on what exactly you need to implement in your marketing strategies to boost your business, career, and personal life.

Why did I create “Emotions In”?


When I worked for different advertising agencies, I wondered things like:

  • How can I arouse emotions even in

     “boring” industry? 

  • What are “emotions” exactly?

  • How can I emotionally connect with my customers?

  • Where should I start?

  • How can I shift my customers into loyal, even raving, fans?

And as you can guess  nobody was able to give me clean and exact tactics consistently.

It was either too superficial (most marketing experts might know one or two little principles, but they do not truly know how our brain and psychology works –

it is just not their field), or on the other hand, the information was too profound (for instance, Neuroscience PhDs). I had no other choice than to find out by myself and gather and combine everthing with each other.

I wanted to make my information accurate, so in 2012, I started my master’s degree in Interaction Design. I proved that emotions are imperative (see my German book).

Before finishing my degree and since then, I’ve been working as an Creative Marketing Director and Art Director Interactive.

At the same time I’ve been continuing my research (because it is so interesting!) and have dived in much deeper. Now, I have started sharing it. I think you really need to understand our brain and the power of our subconscious to be an effective marketing professional!

It is the future. Particularly, huge Cities in India and Asia use emotional branding because of the high competition (oversaturated market) – acc. to Wikipedia.

Let’s dive into the field of emotions – don’t stay behind – get ahead of everybody else. I promise, it’ll be fun – because you are going to feel lots of “Aha” (“Eureka!“) effects.

My Awards

2x International Interactive Media Award 2018,
  2x “Best in Class” 

2x International Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2x Bronze, 2018, Categories:  “Best Work Never Produced”  and “DIGITAL OOH – DISPLAY POP”

Design Support for several awards 2013-2014, including Annual Multimedia Awards, through my work for several German advertising agencies, including “Phillip und Keuntje” and “Cellular”.
Red Dot Design Award,  Winner 

Would you like to find out more about me?

Nah… I’ve heard enough –

let’s get started!


Here you go:

Actionable Tactics

Discover accurate techniques that are appealing, effective and evoke emotional connections to get your customers truly excited.

Learn about unique and actionable emotional marketing tactics and strategies, which you can implement in your marketing system or design to popularize your business.


is Emotional Marketing?


  Emotional (aka effective) Marketing  


  on building relationships first   
(instead of making quick sales to random customers).

P.S. Wikipedia and Google set a synonym called: “emotional branding” because that’s actually what it is – it’s branding that effects emotions. As follows, you build loyal, returning fans.

Keep in mind, it does not feel desperate, or robotic – instead, we are going to communicate naturally and effectively with prospects, leads, and costumers – like a good friend pointing them in the direction of living a better life. You can not force people to instantly like or love you.

Similar to creating real relationships with people, you should attach your brand, product, or service to a person.

For example

 Which people do YOU like the most? 

I bet you like spending time with people who understand you!

People who make your life …

  • easier,
  • more successful,
  • safer, and
  • fun!

Now you get it! Your product or brand should consistently give away some (individually important) benefits.

You need to understand human behavior before you create emotional campaigns. That is what you get from

You will popularize your business and additionally –  AS A BONUS  – you will  upgrade your personal life  because you know why people react as they do. 

Get started today!
 Test 33 INSTANT, 
emotional marketing tactics.


do you need Emotional Marketing?


Because search engines and social media sites  (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) are getting more and more intelligent – we are not able to use wicked black hat techniques for long-term results. We need to truly understand what the brains of our (potential) customers need (and address the emotional systems in the brain … aka persuade them).


Most prospects take between 6 and 20 touches before they make a purchase decision.

(Neil Patel, world’s leading online marketer)


Because your prospects have different States of Awareness:
low (education) – medium (persuasion) – high (action).

(Eugene Schwartz, “Copywriting Guru”)


Everybody has an individual emotional orientation based on our genes and experience (aka emotional systems).


The market is oversaturated. It is too easy to create a business or a personal brand (for instance, on Social Media). You need to emotionally connect because a ton of competitors are only one click away.

Let's get in touch on LinkedIn!


Please, think about it – you can not pass human behavior anymore – in a time where technology (artificial intelligence) developes fast and faster.

If you want to optimize your content for Google or YouTube  forget about technical keywords  – instead,  understand human behavior first.

Why? Because it is more important to make your target audience curious about your content at first and secondly, to make them keep watching, listening, or reading. (For instance, YouTube measures watch-time.)

It’s not enough to use specific keywords. You know it – Google is incredible clever.

Put shortly, you need to understand human behavior first – before you create your campaigns – or for the start …  just ask me. 👋 😉

I help you to start mastering emotions in marketing

and as bonus, in personal life! Because it’s all about humanity.

As a result, you’ll  increase your brand loyalty.  That is the onliest way to get ahead – within our oversaturated market.

There are way to many competitors out there.

You got to create those emotional connections to consequently increase your traffic, conversion, and returning customers (for periodical sales) – even when you increase your pricing.

⛳ 🚲 ️ ⛵ 🍜️

 Ya, let’s connect.  

You can ask me any individual question about your campaign or emotions in marketing in general. 

I’m looking forward to connect with you.

Although, we don’t know each other – nevertheless, we can learn from each other.


 Nah, still not sure – if that’s for me. 

If you don’t believe that the understanding of emotions might boost your business and career (even your personal life as well – because we focus on human beings).

Please, read more articles about raising the awareness of emotions in marketing. You might start with my Q&A above.

Q&A –
Answers to Your Questions

Why are emotions in marketing such a big deal?

Because on one hand, the internet (especially search engines and social media sites) is becoming more intelligent. For instance,  Google (incl. YouTube) and Facebook (incl. Instagram) knows exactly what people really like  by analyzing human reactions, through analytics like the number of clicks, bounce rate (i.e., navigating away from the website), dwell time (i.e., length of time that users spend on a page or video), and much more.

That’s why we first need to create content that focuses on the users! It will then automatically become higher ranked – no matter how Google changes its search algorithm, they will always try to make it better to rank what people really like.

On the other hand, the market is oversaturated. It is getting easier and easier to create your own business (largely because of the internet!), and to acquire and maintain your customers, you need a stronger connection with them than your competitors have.

How can you make it?

Only by using emotions.   “Only emotions increase value,” according to Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, German Neuromarketing expert & psychologist. Emotions also help to bond relationships.

Keep in mind:  your competitors are only one click away! 

How exactly do you create emotions in marketing?
That is a big question, and first of all, it is a complex interpretation process that creates value for people.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to understand because it includes a ton of different fields including Marketing, Psychology, Consumer Neuroscience Interaction Design, User Experience or User Interface Design …

But I am 100% sure that you will get it by following Emotional Marketing Land because we give you easy step-by-step explanations and tactics to follow.

You won’t get these anywhere else –  because we combine all of the fields that are necessary  (especially for Online Marketing) to sell easily and lightning fast.

Emotional marketing is for you, if ...
  • you are an Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Art Director, or Designer.
  • you want to be ahead of everybody else – at the top!
  • you sell B2C and B2B products.  People buy from people – that’s why all decisions are related to emotions.
Emotional marketing are NOT for you, if …
  • you need to instantly increase your sales. That is not happening.
  • you want to rush the process.

We need to build a serious relationship – you can’t force somebody to like or love you, but you can lead somebody who is going to like and eventually, love you.

Let’s compare this approach with Content Marketing:  it takes time  (between 6 – 12 month) for it to be ranked and recognized (acc to: But when it is actually ranked, it is incredible powerful – more than anything else – because you automatically get (free) organic traffic and revenue from it.

And Emotional Marketing is not for you if, you are not willing to work hard to get everything and implement all of the tactics you need to use.

Because honestly, it is not easy and quick to transform prospects into customers into raving fans.  If it was easy, everybody would do it! 

But  I am 100% sure, YOU WILL GET IT!!  Because I simplify, compress and gather everything you need to master emotions in marketing. Be patient & organized and you will become one of the first exclusive Emotional Marketers.

What will you get when you enter your email?

You’ll get  one high-value email per month. You’ll get top actionable emotional techniques and explanations – short, summarized, and well-organized. I know that’s not a lot of emails, but each one will be very thorough. As a result, your mailbox stays clean!

It is all about emotions in Marketing, Love Brands (Products), Neuroscience, Design and Psychology for building loyal, long-lasting subconscious relationships.

Right now, it’s free – do not hesitate to get your first 33 actionable emotional techniques! Otherwise you will be losing money. Sorry – but it is really  true.

Lots of success!

Cheerio, Ricardo

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